What am I expected to do?

  • -Grow the AnatomiQ brand within your network, social media connections, and local community.
  • -Consistently introduce new customers to AnatomiQ
  • -Meet and surpass monthly Quota ($300 in referred sales)
  • -Post engaging and relevant social media content mentioning AnatomiQ on a regular basis (1-2x per week is normal).
  • -Engage and collaborate with other ambassadors on team AnatomiQ
  • -Uphold our brand values in your day-to-day life. You represent our brand at all times, and your behavior is a reflection on AnatomiQ. Reports of behavior that does not align with our values (Ex. Making fun of someone in the gym for being overweight..) will be swiftly addressed and may result in permanent suspension from the ambassador program.


What sort of content should I be posting on social media?


What is QUOTA?

  • Quota is $300 in monthly referred online sales revenue for new ambassadors.

  • -For elite ambassadors/athletes, this may be higher.
  • -It is calculated by determining what additional profits we’ll need to add another rep into our program. It’s not a random number, but an estimate of what we need to see healthy growth, provide new tools for you, and continue to develop new amazing products.
  • -It is expected that any ambassador can hit this number consistently.


What does my COMPENSATION plan look like? 

  • 20% Commission on referred online sales.

      • -Referred online sales are tracked by your unique discount code and tracking link.
      • -For elite ambassadors/athletes, this may be higher.

    • In addition to commission, ambassadors also receive increasing amounts of store credit for hitting sales goals, starting with quota

        • –$300: $50 gift card (store credit)
        • –$400: $75 gift card (store credit)
        • –$500: $100 gift card (store credit)
        • –And so on $25 store credit per $100 in monthly sales


      What's my personal discount code?

      • Your Personal Discount Code = The same "20% OFF" code you give to your customers. You earn 20% commission on this for yourself, and are paid in 1-2 days. The 20% discount and 20% commission effectively combine to equal 40% in savings.

        • -You can order for yourself using this code
        • -You can order for others - customers of yours who prefer to pay you personally in cash. You can edit the shipping address to theirs if you'd like to ship directly to them, or you can simply ship to yourself and hand your customer the product in exchange for cash.
        • -Orders using this code will also count toward your monthly Quota
        • -You must be logged into your customer account on anatomiq.com for the code to work while ordering for others.


      What if I MISS Quota?

      • If you end a full month between $1 & $300 in sales, you will need to attend mandatory coaching and check-ins with management during the next month.

      • –Starting month is pro-rated by # of weeks left in month (1-4).
      • -(Pro-rated quota does not pro-rate the store credit sales requirements)

      • If you end a full month with $0 sales, your commission payments will be deactivated until you pass $200 in any following month.

        • –Codes will still provide 20% discount, only commission will be inactive.
        • –Caveat: Starting month is exempt from this restriction.


        How do PayPal payments work?


        I have a friend who wants to be an ambassador. How do I get them to sign up?

        • - Have them apply online and list you as their referring ambassador
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