Ambassador Content Guidelines

Through social media, Ambassadors can easily do something they love… Inspire others through fitness.

Your challenge on social media is to visually capture the experience of taking AnatomiQ supplements and the confidence that is gained as you push past your limits. Show off how the product line makes you feel, not only in the gym but also in every aspect of your life.

Yes, we want to show off our products, but remember people buy supplements again and again because of how they make them FEEL, and the resulting performance benefits… Not just because of a good-looking label.

We want you to combine with your personal experience and interests to create visually compelling and authentic images that complement the premium quality of AnatomiQ products.

On our official company accounts.. We want to feature real athletes (you!) doing real things. But, the quality and style of the images/videos need to fit our brand’s style and aesthetics.

EXPECTATIONS:  Ambassadors should be making at least 1 photo/video per week which meets the following criteria:


-AnatomiQ’s style is raw (minimal editing), aesthetically pleasing (good lighting and visually appealing) and geared towards showing the benefits of the product - more than just the product itself.

-Styling and lighting are as natural as possible, to heighten the authenticity of our message. Both yourself (and our products) should be shown in flattering light, but don’t be afraid to show the reality of training hard - sweat, chalk, straining to get that last rep, etc.

-The term “Qualifying Content” is what we’re calling the posts that meet the criteria. They aren’t necessary for all of your other personal content (non-AnatomiQ stuff), but if you DO choose to follow use these guidelines on all of your personal social media, you will quickly improve your overall social media presence.

Qualifying Content DO’s:

    -Posts should be of high-enough quality/resolution to be posted on AnatomiQ’s main social accounts and website.

    -Focus on the feeling or activity, not just pushing the product. After all, the product is just there to help you with whatever activity you are doing.

    -While AnatomiQ Ambassadors are clearly pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, it’s clear that they’re not miserable. There’s a deep satisfaction and joy in this brief time of pain.

    -Your posts should tell a story, not overtly push product... For example: “Fasted cardio this morning was two hours of BURN - Only took a ½ scoop of Amplify pre-workout from @anatomiq to get me going.” (This of course works best when paired with a picture of you doing cardio..)
    -Your photos and captions should connect to tell the same story... For example: A caption like “I had an amazing arm workout today…pump was intense! Can’t tell if it was my cheat meal or my @anatomiq so I’ll chalk it up to both :)” should be paired with a picture of you training arms, or at least flexing your arm in a gym setting. The caption is just the story behind the picture, so they have to connect. 
    -VIDEO: Clearly show yourself working out. The more advanced or impressive the movement, the better. You don't have to even be wearing AnatomiQ apparel. Make sure to describe the movement that you are doing so that others can learn to do it themselves by watching you!
    -Make each picture clear where products are visible.
    -PHOTO COLLAGES don't count (have multiple photos that tell the same story? That's what the slideshow is for.)
    -NO TEXT OVERLAYS IN THE IMAGE ITSELF (That’s what captions are for)
    -No low-quality, hard-to-see images.
    -No editing photos to make the coloring look significantly different.

    Qualifying Content Themes

    -Show off your favorite spots for exercise or working out, featuring AnatomiQ.

    - Show off the product in a natural environment: Hold it in the gym, show t in your kitchen, etc.

    -Take AnatomiQ out of the gym and into your healthy lifestyle, focusing on action, “cool”-ness of living fit, and taking on any obstacles in your way.

    -The primary usage of AnatomiQ is centered around an intense workout, improving your performance in the gym, making you feel incredible while training, and more powerful when you recover so you can enjoy faster results than normal. In short, we help all fitness-minded people conquer their goals inside and outside the gym.

    -AnatomiQ can meet the needs and lifestyle of any type of athlete or fit individual

      How can you do all of this?

      We understand this may be a new challenge for many of you. The easiest way to get started is to work out with a friend/partner and simply take photos/videos of each other. It may seem odd at first, but you must become used to being in front of a camera. If you would like guidance on social media or content marketing, please take a look at the training in your “Ambassador” menu on our website. If you have further questions, you may contact We all want you to be successful, and firmly believe that social media is the new key to wealth in the fitness industry.




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