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What Is AnatomiQ?

AnatomiQ is a revolutionary sports nutrition brand, born from cutting-edge research and founded by a group of sports fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, mavericks and innovators who’d had enough of the deceptive practices used by the supplement industry to keep consumers in the dark.

We are a true fitness startup - a self-funded independent team with all the strength of a traditional sports nutrition brand, minus the empty hype, manipulative marketing and bulls***.

We are just like you - we had jobs, commitments, responsibilities, and a constant shortage of time. The gym allows us to break free from the daily grind and provides a healthy foundation to build a dream lifestyle. For you that may mean starting a business, excelling at a sport you love, moving up or breaking sales records within your company, or just looking great at the beach.

We engineer products to power you through your most intense training, help you recover more quickly, and crush the rest of your day. Our supplements are engineered to power those who want to do more, be more, and achieve greatness.

Mission: to create a culture of limitless ambition and a drive to be great, starting with your own body and spreading to other areas of your life. We want to spark your passion to perform better in all areas of life through a solid foundation of fitness.

The name AnatomiQ represents the power of intelligence in mastering the human anatomy, hence the "iQ" in the brand name. We empower people to train smarter.

When it comes to our supplements: AnatomiQ is the top of the line - it’s a showcase of science's ability to help take our physiology beyond normal limitations. What makes AnatomiQ so revolutionary is the research and quality that goes into each and every supplement, as well as the fact that we stand behind our products 100%. We use each product ourselves every day.

We want to empower you to stop wishing and start doing! Take control of your fitness and get what’s yours. Now is your time, and we are honored to be your fuel. We only use pure, effective ingredients, in their full clinical doses shown to produce real results. No proprietary blends or under-dosed formulas will EVER make it into AnatomiQ products. Put simply, we provide the power to perform.


Why Did We Create AnatomiQ?

Just like any great athlete, AnatomiQ is always improving. We’re testing new formulations, bringing out new products, and expanding our distribution. We want to provide an inside look so you can take this journey with us.

I’d like to start with the story of how we started and the challenges we had to overcome. Here is the story of our origin as told from our CEO:

"The idea for AnatomiQ first started in 2006. I had been a multi­sport athlete in high school, but my real passion was the weight training during the off­season. Being competitive, I looked for an advantage anywhere I could and was soon introduced to sports nutrition supplements. I became obsessed with the idea that very specific ingredients, taken at specific times, could increase athletic performance beyond my “normal” limitations. I began reading everything I could on nutrition and supplements. I was in college when I first tried pre­-workouts. All of my friends absolutely raved about the top pre­-workout of the time, NO­-Xplode, but it hurt my stomach to the point where I couldn’t take it. I’ve always had a knack for science and was taking chemistry classes at the time, so naturally I looked into the ingredients. I broke the formula down by ingredient and found out why everyone loved it, and what was causing me discomfort.

The next step was to buy the individual ingredients online and mix my own pre­-workout. Using myself as a guinea pig, I tweaked the formula over and over for years ­ improving every time. Eventually I had an amazing pre­-workout formula.

I started to look at other supplements the same way: protein, fat­ burners, testosterone boosters, etc. The more I learned, the more I realized there was something wrong with the supplement industry. Here I was, a kid, and I was finding research that led me to make better products than these massive companies. They had more experience and access to more information than I did, so the truth was obvious: They didn’t care about making good products -­ just good profits. I found reports that major, well-known supplement brands were lying on their labels, spiking their products with illegal substances, or even knowingly putting dangerous chemicals in their products. It seemed like every day there was some company pushing a new “game­-changing” supplement that was developed in an underground lab, so advanced that the “proprietary blend” had to be kept secret. Some used “university research” to make outrageous claims, like a 400% increase on bench press, a 300% decrease in body fat, and there was even an Acai berry supplement that claimed to cure cancer!! I’d become disillusioned with the supplement industry. I decided that I was going to make my own.

I spent years researching and mixing my own formulas. I spent just as much time looking into the business side of sports nutrition. I researched the market and learned how supplements were manufactured. Lately, I saw how some companies were marketing to millions on social media ­ and were selling some of the worst, most overpriced supplements I have ever seen! A few were outright scamming people. The industry was at its worst at a time when fitness was becoming more popular than ever! For me, that was the trigger. Over 9 years after I started this journey, I finally had the knowledge, plan, and resources to change the supplement industry for the better. In November 2015, I launched AnatomiQ.

Now, we have developed a very unique, collaborative approach to supplement formulation. While the “base” product ideas come from myself and the team, we consult with a variety of medical experts and supplement formulators before entering testing. After we’ve had them tested in the lab, we then test them in the gym. During our exclusive formulation process, we leave no stone unturned. Every combination and interaction of nutrients is considered. Attention is given to every detail; we even consulted a top flavor chemist to ensure outstanding flavor and solubility in our powdered products. The results of our tireless quest for perfection ­ our products ­ speak for themselves.

It's humbling to see how far we've come. It also motivates us to keep pushing forward, to keep innovating, and to keep providing our customers the best products to improve their physiology. Revolutionizing an industry takes time, and we're putting in the work every day to turn our vision into reality. Are you?"

-Jordan Page 


AnatomiQ supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art; cGMP and NSF certified facility, which includes an advanced laboratory where products undergo comprehensive testing for flavor, potency and quality. Every ingredient, dosage, and formulation has been tested under an array of environments from the gym to the athletic arena. Anything we produce, we are first to make sure it is the best-in-class product on the market.

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