Self love - it isn't easy.  

As women, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of perfection that we see in magazine covers and social media. Being raised by a fitness competitor, I have been aware of my body and it's aesthetic appearance since I was thirteen years old. The knowledge and wisdom I have because of my upbringing has given me a unique edge in my fitness career, but it has dually posed as an incredible toll on my relationship with myself and food.

What I've learned is this: 

1. Love your body:

  • At every stage. Being a competitor, we see our bodies at its most prestige condition. Whether you can wash your clothes on your washboard abs or are building during the off season and let them take a break, love yourself. Being competition ready year round is not easy, nor is it healthy for your metabolism. 

2. "Cheat" food isn't going anywhere:

  • It takes zero effort to over indulge in your favorite treats..and trust me- It's easy to inhale a jar of peanut butter in one sitting. But moderation is key. Your favorite treats and sweets are ALWAYS going to be there. Be goal-minded. Don't let that one second of sweetness sway your longterm goals. It IS worth it. YOU are worth it. 

3. Avoid negative self talk:

  • It may seem like common knowledge, but I hear more and more women struggling with loving themselves post-show. Pour your focus into building others up. Pamper yourself. Train like a machine and flood your body with happy go-lucky endorphins every single day. Don't get trapped wallowing in self pity. Get up and do something about it. 

You only have one life. Make every day count. 

Ashley jones Bikini Athlete Women's Fitness

Ashley Jones is a NPC Bikini and team AnatomiQ athlete. Follow her on Instagram at @ashleyjonesfit and on snapchat: 👻ashleynicjones