How can you use the dieting secrets of the pros to get shredded for Labor Day?

(Or any day..)

It may be easer than you think.

by Corey Upton


Personally, I've been competing in the fitness industry for over 10 years, so I've tried about every diet trick in the book. One of the most important things I've learned is that everyone is different when it comes to "prep" dieting. 

Among competitors, it's easy to follow a trend that others use because:
1) A lot of people are doing it, 
2) Because it worked for another athlete, or
3) You read it online.

Now, I mean it when I say I've tried it all: I've done a complete carb depletion, I've done high carbs, low carbs, high fat, low fat, flexible dieting, and diets with no variety of food - and there's been a lot of trail and error with all these. What I've found is as long a your consistent with your nutrition, cardio and training you can have a good varsity of macros fats/proteins/carbs. Here's what I'm talking about.


For the fats, you stick to healthy fats and keep it simple: avocado, flaxseed oil, almonds, other various nuts. During contest prep time I usually like to keep the fats very low, but if you're someone that is having trouble cutting I recommend taking a more ketogenic (forcing your body to use fat as fuel) approach and eat high fats with low carbs.



The protein is where you should be able to be flexible as long as it's lean meat. If you have a slow to medium-slow metabolism, you would want to cut out most red meats out. When it comes to the meat, athletes usually think they have to stick to plain fish and chicken, this is not case. You can use a variety of lean meats like lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, shrimp and salmon so you don't get tired of eating the same things every day. 


When it comes dieting, everyone thinks less is better with carbs - especially when they're trying to lean out or getting ready for a show, this is not necessarily the case. When you use the right complex carbs it's actually helps your body better function during and after training, and you'll burn more fat. Without the right amount of balanced carbs, your body will actually get stressed and look worse. Many coaches have their athletes completely drop carbs in prep - and the day of the show they look like crap - but the morning after they have "carbs" and after a big cheat meal they look much better.
So, keep in mind, dieting like this really only works when you're staying consistent with your diet, cardio and training. Lastly, the food you put in your body DOES matter. This only works when you're eating consistent "complex carbs" not pop tarts, doughnuts and other pastries (No matter how much you love 'em).
Again, everyone is different, but consistency is key - no matter what diet plan you choose. If you have a similar diet that works for you, I want to hear about it! Simply post on Instagram and tag me @thecoreyupton; I always do my best to comment and respond to everyone.