Finding My Place in Bodybuilding

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Since the very first bodybuilding contest in 1901, men have had only one division in which to compete. This stood for 110 years! Even women, who have competed in the sport of bodybuilding since the 1980s have had five divisions to choose from. The Men’s Bodybuilding Division began as a competition to showcase the world’s greatest physique.  However, bodybuilders began to develop outside of what mainstream media viewed as the perfect physique, and the result opened the doors to new divisions... In the fall of 2010 the National Physique Committee announced the new Men’s Physique Division. The new division would...
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How can you use the dieting secrets of the pros to get shredded for Labor Day? (Or any day..) It may be easer than you think. by Corey Upton   Personally, I've been competing in the fitness industry for over 10 years, so I've tried about every diet trick in the book. One of the most important things I've learned is that everyone is different when it comes to "prep" dieting.  Among competitors, it's easy to follow a trend that others use because:1) A lot of people are doing it, 2) Because it worked for another athlete, or 3) You read it...
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Women's Fitness: Self Love - It Isn't Easy.

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Self love - it isn't easy.   As women, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of perfection that we see in magazine covers and social media. Being raised by a fitness competitor, I have been aware of my body and it's aesthetic appearance since I was thirteen years old. The knowledge and wisdom I have because of my upbringing has given me a unique edge in my fitness career, but it has dually posed as an incredible toll on my relationship with myself and food.   What I've learned is this:  1. Love your body: At every stage. Being...
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Ripped Abs: The Truth

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  We’ve all seen the ads in magazines and on the internet: “get ripped abs, and burn belly fat fast!"Unfortunately there is no way to just burn fat in one area, that is a myth and the only way to burn belly fat is to burn body fat over all. However there are some things that have helped me get abs faster, and they are things that both male and females can do!You’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” right? Well, that is 100% true! So the first step to abs is to be conscious of what you eat, and...
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Warming Up With Your Max?

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It Sounds Crazy, But It’s Not -Here’s Why (And How to Do It Properly) So it’s Monday, International Chest Day, and you’re at the gym stretched out and ready to bench. After a few higher rep, low weight warm up sets you feel ready to attack your regular working sets. This way of warming up is the go-to for most gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, but you will actually be shortchanging yourself in intensity and available muscle fibers, and ultimately in muscle growth. The solution? Warm up with your max (well, between 90-95% of it). Sound crazy? Well it’s not,...
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